Why it is your best chance to get rid of stubborn fat?
 We each have a different idea of what the ideal body looks like. However, we can all agree that a slim, healthy body is desirable. If your weight loss journey has stalled, and you wish you could get rid of a little stubborn fat, now may be the perfect time to receive a cosmetic fat reduction treatment. Most of us have stubborn areas of fat that are just plain resistant to the efforts of diet and exercise. No Sweat! Advances in technology can offer desirable solutions for removing those stubborn areas of fat permanently, without invasive surgery.

SculptIris is a non-surgical approach to fat reduction that uses 1060nm wavelength technology to target n problem areas such as the abdomen and love handles and destroy stubborn fat cells in just 25-30 minutes. The procedure uses flat, non-suction applicators to deliver laser energy to the treatment site and provide consistent, natural-looking results. This device is held to the targeted treatment area. The laser technology then works to deliver specialized laser energy beneath the surface of skin to the underlying fatty tissue layer. The laser works to target the stubborn fat cells and acts as heat energy. The fat cells are safely heated without harming any of the surrounding healthy tissue. As the fat cells are heated, their structural integrity is destroyed. Once they are destroyed, they are then naturally metabolized and removed from the body in the weeks following treatment. Not only does SculptIris work to destroy fat cells, but it effectively eliminates them for good. SculptIris can be used to treat a variety of areas in the body including the stomach, arms, back, and neck. Multiple treatments are suggested in order to achieve optimal results. Put simply, it is actually effective. In fact, there’s a very good chance you will find this treatment very effective whether you have a little excess fat to lose or a lot of excess fat. The results of this treatment are derived from a highly specialized laser system. Thermal energy emitted by the laser melts undesired body fat. The results are rapid and durable. Regardless of body type, most people are very happy with the results they get after treatments.

Most people use this treatment to remove unwanted body stubborn fat from the abdominal region because it is so hard to lose fat pockets from the lower abs. However, this treatment can also be used to tighten the skin in areas experiencing loose skin due to drastic, rapid weight loss. Virtually anywhere can benefit from this treatment,. For example, thighs, upper and lower abs, hips and flanks, underarms and upper arms, back, buttocks. If you have several areas of concern, we can treat them all in one session. Few people accumulate excess fat in just one region of the body. The logical solution to handling unwanted body fat is to treat several areas instead of just one region. The more areas you treat, the more comprehensive your results will be and your results will look more natural.

You will not need to take any time off after SculptIris! Your body will process your destroyed fat cells through your lymphatic system over the weeks following your treatment. You will notice that your treated area is slimmer and smoother within six weeks of SculptIris. Redness, soreness, bruising, swelling, and firmness may occur in the treated area following SculpIris. These conditions are normal and will not impede your ability to enjoy the rest of your day following SculptIris. Post-procedure side effects, if they do occur, will go away within a day or two. Your body will continue to break down the stubborn fat in the treatment area for up to 12 weeks following SculptIris. You will observe a noticeable fat reduction in your treated area or areas. You will see your final results by the three-month mark. A SculptIris treatment will help you get rid of stubborn fat deposits so that you can face the day looking and feeling your best. To achieve impressive fat elimination and say goodbye to your flab for good, this treatment plan of three to six SculptIris sessions, spaced weeks apart, is recommended.

Results with SculptIris are sustainable and last a long time. Once the fat cells are destroyed, they will not return. Patients can achieve up to 25% reduction of problem areas with SculptIris. The skin is also tightened through an increase in collagen production. In short, Like so many other people, you may be looking for a way to get a slimmer appearance. You have most likely tried exercise and dieting, but you still have trouble spots where fat accumulates. If you’re looking for a solution, SculptIris may be right for you.

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