It is a better and safe treatment?
 Almost everyone wants to have healthy and shiny skin. Perhaps this is also the ultimate need of some people. It sounds easy, but it is not easy to achieve. Are you looking for the perfect tool to remove moles, tattoos and scars using lasers? If you are tired of seeing those scars on your skin or you want to remove your tattoo permanently. Any one of the above questions is similar to your request, please read the PicoIris laser article below to get your answer. PicoIris is new lasers which are very effective in treating pigmentation of the skin. This product allows you to safely enter the mole, spot or scar removal process.  

PicoIris is a versatile FDA-cleared laser that’s most widely used to remove tattoos, but it can also be used to treat pigmentation spots as well as fine lines and acne scars. It uses the latest technology to locate overpigmented spots or ink. The device converts laser energy into short, controlled pulses of pressure that break down pigment into more easily absorbed particles, which are then carried away by the body’s lymphatic system. The PicoIris laser offers three different wavelengths of light, so it can be used to remove both dark spots and ink that’s deeply entrenched in the dermis. The 532 nm wavelength is most effective for red, violet, orange, yellow, and brown ink or pigment. The 755 nm wavelength treats green, blue, and black inks. The laser also creates microscopic “controlled wounds” that jump-start skin’s natural repair process, boosting collagen and elastin production to help heal the area as your tattoo fades.

The best candidate is a person in good general health who wants to remove  pigmentation spots or a tattoo that has already healed. Your tattoo can be any color and size. Before giving you the go-ahead for treatment, your beautician will need to know about all existing conditions, any prescription medications or supplements you’re taking, and allergies you may have. You’ll also have to stop tanning or self-tanning a month prior to PicoIris: having a tan can make it difficult for the laser to distinguish between the pigment you want to remove and the increased melanin from tanning. Typically, you’ll have treatment sessions every six to eight weeks for tattoo removal. This will allow time for your skin to heal in between. The number of treatments you’ll need varies widely, but your b will beautician give you an estimate after your first session.  PicoIris is fairly easy to operate with its stable handle structure. It can work on tattoo removal from eyebrows including age spots, freckles, and sunburns also. At the meantime, the performance of PicoIris is harmless for hair follicles, skin, and deep tissues.

PicoIris tattoo removal is generally regarded as safe. However,as we all know, Every type of laser procedures may have more or less side effects. There can be swelling, heat, pinpoint bleeding, and even some small blisters after treatment, so treating the area like a wound is safest. In most cases, the commonly used equipment for tattoo removal includes laser pens and laser machines that are easy to use. PicoIris is designed for easier handling, active features that give perfect tattoo removal results with least or no risk. In short, you have to see a doctor who is experienced in reducing pigmentation, understand your own specific condition, and then use the laser under the guidance of a doctor or an experienced beautician.

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