The shackles of beauty economy
Beauty economy is a "big economy", whether in employment, output, or a room for growth, development prospects are very big, in the economy as a whole, it is the share of cannot be ignored, beauty economy development to today, however, still faces many problems. China's beauty industry this immature "cake", to the industry too much temptation and confusion, also brought new thinking to the development of the whole national economy. Exactly how the development of the industry, the industry is eager to sunshine policy. 

Big market
According to the investigation results, the overall consumption level of China's cosmetics, has surpassed Japan to become the world after the United States makeup former two big consumers, cosmetics consumption in 2013 reached 300 billion yuan. In 2003 from 20.69 billion yuan in 2012 to 200 billion yuan, China's cosmetics sales increased by 8 times more than 10 years. For first to live a well-off life of Chinese women, beauty became almost after they are in the clothing, jewelry and a focus areas.
The lack of the rules
Cosmetics is a sunrise industry, in domestic has unlimited potential. However, the hairdressing cosmetic industry in China is still in a state of disorderly competition, the market for the feeling of people use a word to describe is "chaos". Business disorderly, personnel quality is low, the product is unsafe, such as consumer beauty isn't the disfigured problems restricted the further development of beauty industry.
Centrally the beauty industry is not clear, market management legalization and standardization, and the beauty industry is still blank and so on four big problem of statistical target system, to relevant government departments concerned. "Beauty industry is a sunrise industry in China, is also immature industry, in the take-off stage of industry development, the government to give the necessary policy support is very important." The state council development research center, deputy director of the institute of financial ba shusong said [microblogging].
Out of the dilemma multi-level resultant force
We have learned, at present, some enterprises are making changes, they bypass the cosmetics, skin care and other traditional categories, to break some segment of the market demand, such as and traditional Chinese medicine, health, organic combination of concepts.
Of course, in addition to their own efforts, the government department should also be correct analysis and evaluation of Chinese cosmetic industry development status, to hairdressing cosmetic science and technology research and development and the beauty industry development into the state plan; Make beauty high-tech certification national standards; To implement hairdressing cosmetic enterprise's brand strategy, drive the healthy development of the industry; To strengthen the quality supervision of the beauty industry, enterprise; We will increase support for the beauty industry training.
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