Super IPL Machine
penetrate to the deep skin
selective act on the subcutaneous pigment
blood vessel to decompose melanin
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Theory It adopts OPT (Optimal pulse Technology) technology, which emits constant energy to realize optimum clinical results. The use of three-dimensional technology concepts: energy+ pulse
width+ pulse waveform. Due to changes the pattern of treatment light output, intense pulsed light is revolutionary in the development, not only great efficacy improved but also more safety.
With Wide application of Hair removal, Skin rejuvenation, Acne Clearance, Vascular treatment, pigmentation treatment .

How SHR IPL differ from traditional IPL ?                            

With less pain and without comprising effciency & high average power is the most difference between OPT technology with traditional IPL.
OPT SHR make comfort as the first priority as well as delivering maximum treatment efficiency. Comparing with our OPT SHR, normal IPL system is unfeasible to produce long square pulse which should reach the relaxation period to target skin. Moreover fluctuations of output energy will easily lead to ineffective treatment result and increase risk of side effect.

Application Permanent hair removal
skin rejuvenation
Vascular treatment
Acne clearance
Pigment deposition
Wrinkle removal

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Input 220v/50hz 110v/60hz
Power Consumption 2000VA
Treatment handles one HR handle one SR handle
Wave length SR 560nm-1200nm HR 650nm-1200nm
Spot size 15mm*50mm
Fuse 10A
Control System 8" TFT full color touch screen
Repetition frequency SHR mode: 20HZ 
IPL mode:1HZ 2HZ 3HZ 4HZ 5HZ
Energy density 1—60J/CM2
Cooling system integrated cooling system 5 degree,0-(-4c)degree
cooling system:built in water cooling+semi conductor cooling+air cooling
Working modes Professional mode and Intelligent mode
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