Ultra Picolris
Short pulse time
Strong instantaneous energy
Multiple wavelengths
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Theory  1. PicoIris® is the first picosecond laser with Fractional Modes customized to each individual’s condition. This laser stimulates collagen renewal and improves acne marks and scars, with less downtime than traditional picosecond lasers.

2. Versatile Korea-Imported 7-Jointed Arm
● The spot size is adjustable which displays on the handle, fast and convenient to operate.
● The aiming beam ensures more accurate laser output.
● The air tube to cool skin down is a key to a smooth and comfortable experience. Also, it could blow away pigment particles with better treatment effects.
●  360° rotating 7-Jointed arm is convenient and flexible to operate, no need to move the machine.

3. 5 Wide Variety of Applicators with 7 Spot-Size Patterns
PicoIris® offers an extensive array of applicators, each designed for a specific treatment and indication, together covering a full spectrum of solutions.  

4. Laser generator is imported from USA Coherent, with even laser output and uniform laser delivery.

5. Honeycomb is optional
● The intensity of the laser energy released from the central point of each Honeycomb Lens can be as high as 20 times or more.
● Honeycomb Lens shock effect, shatters the melanocytes of the epidermis and spreads to the deep dermis, with a wide pulse width, small skin damage, low risk of anti-darkness, and quicker pigment removal.
Application Epidermal pigment disease
senile plaques, Cafe-au-Lait Spots, freckles

Dermal pigment disease
brown nevus, post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation(PIH), chloasma

Various color tattoos
red, blue, green, and other hard-to-remove tattoos

Skin rejuvenation
even skin tone, smooth skin texture, fine lines, and enlarged pores reduction

Cicatrix treatment
various types of acne scars and cicatrix, acne marks

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