Rejuve Milk light
Skin texture + Complexion full effect management.
Unique sliding technology
Heraeus particular kind infrared light source
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The NIR Milk Light uses a high-power light source in the near-infrared spectrum to achieve safe and effective dermal heating, imparting a youthful glow to the skin. The pleasant treatment elevates dermal temperature, generates thermal injury to the tissue which contracts existing fibers, stimulates the formation of new collagen, and improves its alignment and thickness 
Innovation: Platinum NIR near-infrared light & ssr narrow-spectrum light are the world's unique precision light technology.
Activation: REJUVE NIR 1300nm wave near-infrared light, really empowers cells to promote deep collagen repair and regeneration.
Depth: Effectively reach the skin 0.5 ~ 2mm, directly from the middle layer of the dermis to the deeper layer of the skin.
Function: Revitalizes the basement skin layer with connective tissue regeneration, and restores healthy skin.
Fast hair removal innovatively adopts 640nm-850nm, a very precise narrow band spectrum, for accurate treatments. it is as effective as laser treatment, with the safety, versatility, and cost of pulsed light.
Results fastest, with spot size 5 cm2(10*50mm)
Optional spot size 3.2 cm2(8*40mm)
1. High-end professional-grade skin rejuvenation technology. Most efficient to achieve uniform skin tone and texture.
2. German Heraeus special infrared light source. The combined special band, Energy most uniform and safest.
3. The ergonomic applicators, are very lightweight, making practitioners earlier to perform.
Application People with skin problems such as dry and rough skin, pigmentation, skin sensibility, dull complexion, acne, pimples, pox marks, photoaging, cutis laxa, etc.

Precise light wave
effective depth of 0.5 ~2mm, rejuvenate cells.
Double-Handle and double spot
face + body one-stop full-body rejuvenation.
Comfortable treatment
stronger and more comfortable than traditional photon effects.
Cooling technology
Intelligent cooling system, humanized skin protection mechanism,bring betterexperience.

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HDPL: Wavelength 640nm-850nm
SDPL 530-850nm ( Optional)
HDPL Spot size: 5 cm² (10*50mm)
                    or 3.2 cm² (8*40mm)
HDPL Shot: 1000 Thousand shots
NIR: 900nm-1800nm band spectrum
NIR Spot Size: 14 cm² (23mm * 62mm)
                    or 3.2 cm² (8*40mm)
NIR Shots: no pulse limits
Dimensions:123*54*63cm, 68KG
Power Supply: AC230V,50Hz / AC110V, 60Hz
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