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20 Years of Innovation

Unveiling our Remarkable Innovation Journey: Igniting the Path to Success!



Medical Industrial Park

PZLASER, an esteemed manufacturer in the medical aesthetic industry, has kick-started the construction of its ambitious Medical Industrial Park. This groundbreaking project is set to revolutionize the field and bring numerous benefits to the industry and our clients as a whole. These state-of-the-art buildings will house advanced laboratories, research centres, manufacturing units, and administrative offices.


Android & AI Technology Integration

PZLASER is the first manufacturer in the field of medical beauty lasers who has embraced the Android and AI technologies, revolutionizing the way laser machines are performed and optimized.

It enhances treatment precision and allows for efficient data management. It also provides practitioners with data-driven insights and predictive analytics, leading to improved treatment planning and patient outcomes.


Top-Notch Products

The three top-notch products - CoolSlimming™, UMS Sculptor®, and PicoIris® - have garnered tremendous applause from practitioners and patients worldwide. Their outstanding performance and ability to deliver excellent results have made them highly sought-after in the industry.


300+ Technology Patents

By securing so many patents, PZLASER is showcasing our expertise in creating unique and original technologies. It's an impressive milestone that highlights the commitment to pushing the boundaries of what's possible in the field of medical aesthetic lasers.


Over 30,000 Agents Worldwide

With over 30,000 agents worldwide, PZLASER has truly established a global presence. It reflects our commitment to providing cutting-edge laser technologies and solutions to professionals and patients around the world.


Valuable International Authentications

Having such certifications as FDA, Medical CE, and ISO13485 is a significant achievement for a company in the medical aesthetic laser industry. Our devices comply with rigorous standards and regulations, ensuring the safety, quality, and effectiveness. PZLASER always keep a strong commitment to meeting the highest industry standards.


R&D Strength Improvement

Break aesthetic technical bottlenecks in several segmentations.

At the same year, several certificates passed EU CE certificates.


Reach the Milestone

PZLASER experiences significant growth and expands into international markets, becoming a leading global provider of aesthetic and surgical laser systems.


PZLASER is Established

PZLASER is established by Eric Zhou with the goal of developing innovative laser technologies.