2023 Cosmoprof Worldwide in Bologna Italy
Enjoy your time with PZ Laser! Welcome to 2023 Cosmoprof Worldwide in Bologna Italy!

The era of the COVID-19 pandemic is over, let us gather at the Cosmoprof Expo in spring.

"Cosmoprof" intends to build a communication platform for issues related to the beauty industry. This is an grand event that brings together the entire industry chain of the beauty industry. It will meet terminal needs, integrate superior experience, and empower offline entity operators. It will also realize resource sharing, interoperability and win-win cooperation, and jointly create new development in the beauty industry.

Now, PZ Laser is coming. We will shine with the most high-end instruments, the most professional team, and the most perfect service. Let’s makes every gathering an encounter of sharing and opportunities!

This time, let’s go with the beauty and win-win with the strong!
17-20 March 2023, Hall 29-E10, Bologna Italy!
The grand event is opening, let us wait and see!
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