Design Concept

As the most intuitive platform for corporate image and product promotion, the enterprise’s showroom must impress leaders, customers, and the media and shape the enterprise’s brand image. According to the strategic positioning of the enterprise, we must highlight internationalization with a strong sense of the times and technology, and give people a strong visual impact. It brings visitors a sense of grandeur, clarity, and refreshing.

According to the characteristics of the enterprise and the industry, we will use bright and simple colors throughout the entire showroom, and at the same time use some advanced technical equipment and the organic combination of sound and light to achieve a sense of the times and technology to make sure that visitors will enjoy this atmosphere.

Elaborate Position

The showroom is located in 13 Floor, 18C Building, University Science Park East, Zhongyuan District, Zhengzhou, Henan Provence, China. This foreign trade department is becoming the core business department of PZLASER and will be the gathering place for domestic and foreign trade of PZLASER in the future.

Space Planning

The overall showroom adopts the main color of the enterprise to run through the showroom, uses smoother lines, and chooses reasonable primary and secondary color matching ratios and shapes to reflect the international visual effect. The showroom is oriented east-west, using the perfect combination of the reasonable layout of the display partition wall and the space shape to create a reasonable three-dimensional display effect. The ground is smooth and gray in gradient. The main white light is used for the ceiling, which echoes with the rack, wall, and ground, just like the perfect coordination and cooperation among various departments of the enterprise. The lighting adopts an integrated intelligent control system, which is convenient for operation and management. The light and shade are matched, the temperature and temperature are coordinated, and the primary and secondary are clearly defined. The showroom maintenance can save electricity and promote the development of the low-carbon economy. The placement management of the equipment is arranged in sequence according to different models, the large intelligent screens on the east and west walls interact in real-time, and the power supply is interspersed for easy use, realizing the interaction between the exhibition and the visit, completely subverting the traditional static report mode, and making the showroom the best platform to promote product technology progress, innovative business models, and expand the global market and so on. Moreover, this showroom uses integrated intelligent control of all digital media equipment to realize integrated control of all digital equipment, which is convenient for the management and use of equipment.

Future Prospect

As an industry leader in medical aesthetic instruments, PZLASER focuses on product innovation and is eager to keep pace with customers and the times. The showroom is currently completed. The great era of the global economy has arrived, and we look forward to your visit and cooperation.