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  • lipo laser
    Job Title: Manager
    Form: USA
    My final results after 12 sessions on my hips&thighs. I'm so happy! I have lost 8 kilos&24cms!!! Plus,I'm now able to wear a pair of shorts I haven't worn in such a long time!I've even gone down 2 notches on my belt! Thank you so very much.
  • shr opt
    shr opt
    Job Title: Manager
    Form: Turkey
    Dear Hollin,working with SHR machine is excellent ...,thank you for all your helps. best regards Beniacova
  • laser lipo
    Job Title: Manager
    Form: India
    Thank you very much molly,I reveived the courier.I now understand that you are a company to be trusted.Best wishes to you (Personally) and to your company. MAYANK
  • 808nm diode laser
    Job Title: Manager
    Form: Germany
    Hello Chouz my dear the sensor arrived yesterday. I thank you for your help.your service is really very good, we are very satisfied. If our financial situation is better then buying the 2 diodes laser device with you.
  • cryolipolysis machine
    cryolipolysis machine
    Job Title: Manager
    Form: France
    Hi Joy good May day to you too. I decided not to get any customers because of the dotted scaring it leaves,but I have a lot of weight to lose an. I've already lost four inches off my stomach. I am grateful I have the machine. Cookie has been using it too. Dd used it once and did not like the scarring. I would rather have scars than a fat stomach. thanks for keeping in touch. I hope all is well.
  • Service Team Three Service Team Three

    This team is staffed by a group of experienced professionals dedicated themselves to work.

  • Zhengzhou PZ Laser Slim Technology Co., Ltd. Zhengzhou PZ Laser Slim Technology Co., Ltd.

    PZ LASER Slim Technology Company owns a brand new factory production line, which places in the Zhengzhou High Tech Production Industry district, and for the high technology developing enterprise which WE are fully supported by Local Government.

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