With the booming development of the medical beauty market, acoustic and optoelectronic projects have gradually become star products in the field of anti-ageing due to their unique advantages. Among them, HIFU technology has attracted widespread market attention due to its ability to penetrate the SMAS fascia layer and achieve significant anti-ageing effects throughout the entire layer. However, it is regrettable that despite the 16-year history of international medical beauty ultrasound scalpels, the Chinese market has long lacked compliant ultrasound scalpel products, which undoubtedly has become a pain point that restricts the development of the industry.

Fortunately, this situation has finally ushered in a turning point. The MFUpro® launched by PZLASER has successfully obtained the Chinese Medical Device Registration Certificate and officially entered the Chinese market. This milestone breakthrough not only fills the market gap of compliant ultrasound scalpels in China for 16 years, but also marks a solid step for the Chinese medical beauty industry in technological innovation and quality assurance.

Looking back, the proliferation of non-compliant products and uneven quality have always plagued the medical beauty industry. Many consumers are exposed to risks in pursuit of beauty, which undoubtedly poses a major obstacle to the healthy development of the medical beauty industry. The emergence of MFUpro® is like a dawn, bringing hope and turning point to this predicament.

MFUpro® has undergone strict review and testing, fully complying with relevant national regulations and standards. This not only ensures the safety of the product, but also provides a trustworthy choice for doctors and consumers. The advantages of MFUpro® lie in its strong targeting, minimally invasive, and short recovery period, making it suitable for fields such as facial beauty. Its listing will further promote technological innovation and research and development capabilities in the medical beauty industry, leading the market to achieve greater breakthroughs and development.

MFUpro®, with its innovative technology and excellent quality, has now obtained authoritative certifications from the EU CE and China NMPA.

As the first medical grade HIFU in China, MFUpro® has demonstrated its outstanding technical strength. It combines unique MFU+SD dual innovation technology to ensure efficient and accurate energy transfer. MFU technology is like a thoughtful "little helper", with micro focused ultrasound technology to ensure that energy can be accurately transmitted to the target skin tissue layer, avoiding unnecessary damage to surrounding tissues; SD technology, on the other hand, is a smart "brain" that provides personalized treatment plans for different skin types and thicknesses through intelligent recognition. Being able to intelligently recognize your skin type and thickness, and tailor personalized treatment plans for you. This dual innovation technology not only improves the treatment effect, but also ensures the safety of the treatment process.

In addition, MFUpro® is equipped with 6 different cartridges, which can comprehensively provide full layer anti-ageing treatment. It provides four different depths of thermal energy (1.5mm, 2.0mm, 3.0mm, 4.5mm, 6.00mm, and 9.00mm) that can be heated from superficial skin to the SMAS layer, meeting various treatment needs. This design not only improves the efficiency and effectiveness of treatment, but also brings consumers a more personalized medical aesthetic experience.