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Tighten your skin layer by layer, ranging from 1.5mm to 9.0mm deep.

Skin Lifting System
  • Technology Breakthrough
  • Micro Focused Ultrasound
    Precise non-invasive tissue rejuvenation and Lifting technology.
  • Face & Body Lifting
    To lift and tighten sagging skin, improving overall appearance and enhancing confidence.
  • Clinic Proven
    Empowered 70,000+ clinical data to provide precise parameter settings for optimal outcomes.

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To Make the Magic Happen with Your Face and Body

Unleash the Power of MFU+SD Technology! Elevate your skin with three core innovation for the ultimate face and body lifting experience!

Detail - Oriented


By incorporating SD overlapping treatment after the linear procedure, you can achieve double lifting effects. This approach targets specific areas, particularly narrow and curved spots, that are challenging to treat. It results in a more delicate and precise treatment to enhance the overall results.


1.5mm (epidermis): Targets light lines, skin tone, skin texture, fine pores.

2.0mm (wrinkle): Targets deep wrinkles such as forehead lines/neck lines/eye prints.

3.0mm (firm): Reaches the dermis layer and stimulates the continuous proliferation of collagen.

4.5mm (lift): Reaches the SMAS layer, tightening the muscle base.

6.0mm(curve): Targets body parts such as the double chin, arms, and bra areas.

9.0mm (sculpt): Targets deeper areas such as the tummy, flanks, and inner thigh areas.


MFU (Microfocused Ultrasound) offers a precise and focused approach, limiting impact to the targeted area. Whereas HIFU covers a wider area but has the potential to affect adjacent tissues.


Contact Sensor: The cartridge will stop operating to prevent damage when it is not contacted with the skin. 

Gyroscope*: The movement sensor with Gyroscope* prevents consecutive shots in one place.

Oscillator*: It is designed to effectively avoid clutter and interference when emitting focused energy. A perfect balance between improved features and unwavering effectiveness! 


An advanced non-surgical equipment that tightens and rejuvenates the skin, reducing the appearance of wrinkles and promoting a more youthful and firmer complexion.

  • + 50 %
    Fine Lines
  • + 69 %
  • Smart and intuitive interface design greatly benefits practitioners to operate treatments effortlessly and efficiently.

  • When changing cartridges of different depths, the UI interface can adapt and provide reference parameters based on 70,000 clinical data.

  • The patented separated UI design of the right and left face is a clever solution that helps users count shots parallelly, ensuring accuracy and efficiency in counting on both sides.

Before & After
  • before-img
    Charlotte Johnson
    "Wow, the MFUpro® has completely transformed my spa treatments! The results are simply remarkable. My clients love how it effectively tightens and lifts their skin, leaving them with a youthful and refreshed appearance. Highly recommended!"
  • before-img
    Oliver Smith
    "It's incredibly easy to use and delivers exceptional results. Clients keep coming back for more, impressed with the visible reduction in fine lines and wrinkles, as well as the overall improvement in skin tone and texture. A must-have for any spa!"
  • before-img
    Amelia Davis
    "I can't say enough positive things about the MFUpro®! It has revolutionized the way we offer skin rejuvenation treatments at our spa. Not only is it non-invasive and painless, but it also provides impressive lifting and tightening effects."
QWhat is the MFUpro® skin lifting machine?

The MFUpro® skin lifting machine is a non-invasive device that uses ultrasound technology to deliver focused energy deep into the skin. It stimulates collagen production, tightens and lifts the skin, and reduces the appearance of wrinkles and sagging.

QHow does the MFUpro® skin lifting machine work?

The MFUpro® skin lifting machines utilize microfocused ultrasound technology to target specific layers of the skin. The device emits ultrasound waves that penetrate different depths, heating the skin’s tissues. This thermal energy triggers collagen production, which leads to skin tightening and lifting over time.

QWhat are the benefits of using the MFUpro® skin lifting machine?

Some benefits of using the MFUpro® skin lifting machine include:

  • Non-invasive treatment: It does not involve surgery or needles.
  • Tightens and lifts the skin: It improves facial contours and reduces sagging.
  • Stimulates collagen production: This helps to improve skin texture and reduce wrinkles.
  • Minimal downtime: Most treatments have minimal or no downtime, allowing for a quick recovery.
QAre there any side effects or considerations with MFUpro® skin lifting machines?

While MFUpro® skin lifting machines are generally safe, there can be some side effects or considerations, such as:

  • Mild redness or swelling: These are temporary and usually subside within a few hours.
  • Discomfort during the treatment: Some individuals may experience mild discomfort or tingling sensations, but it is usually tolerable.
  • Results may vary: The effectiveness of the treatment can vary depending on individual factors such as skin condition, age, and overall health.
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