All-inclusive Slimming Platform
Golden standard for non-invasive body shaping
4 technology for selective fat cell
Fat Destruction without downtime
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Weight Loss Platform adopts the combination of cooling technology, laser lipolysis, cavitation and rf technology.

■ Cooling technology

This technology uses controlled cooling to freeze and eliminate unwanted fat cells without surgery or downtime. The procedure is FDA-cleared, safe and effective. The results are undeniable. Eliminate stubborn fat that resists all efforts through diet and exercise. The results are proven, and noticeable, so you'll look great from every angle.

■ Lipo laser technology

It uses low-level laser technology to stimulate the body`s natural process for releasing its stored energy from adipose tissue, shrinking fat cells.A non-invasive approach to reducing body circumference and cellulite reduction.

■ Cavitation technology

It uses 40K strong sound wave technology, can generate a low negative pressure which can produce organizational gap that in physics known as " the hole phenomenon." The direct effects of implosion which micro-gap inside and outside the Cells results in enhancing the molecular motion, so as to achieve a high energy level, eventually lead to the breakdown of fat cells.

■ RF technology 

Not only effect of the skin but also the subcutaneous fat, so it can be widely applied to the face, neck wrinkle removal and tighten, as well as other parts of the body to lose weight, improve the orange peel-like skin, postpartum abdominal tightening and so on.

The unique super multiple slimming platform in China integrated cryo, cavi, rf and lipolysis four technology together. 
Every technology inside has separated systems. Buy one, equals to four systems.
It has two cryo handpieces, one cavitation tip, two rf heads (tripolar and Multi-polar ) and 4 big and 2 small lipolysis pads.


Body contouring, Cellulite reduction, Circumference reduction, wrinkles eliminating, pores shrinking, skin tightening, Acne removal.
Any one who wants to have a slimmer and fresher look.


No-invasive / Quick / No pain / No downtime 
Immediate results could be seen from every treatment and will also continue to lose weight

Sit back, relax, and  say goodbye to stubborn fat

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Heat 37℃~45℃
Cryo 5℃~ -15℃
Vacuum 10~80Kpa
Light/td> Red (630nm) Green (570nm) 50mW×4
Handle size 130mm,160mm,220mm(optional)
Laser type Diode laser
Wavelength 650nm&940nm&808nm(optional)
Output power 200mw each lamp
Cavitation frequency 40KHz
Cavitation Max Power 100W
RF 1MHz (output frequency),50Watts (Maximum output power)
Voltage 220±10V AC/110±10V AC, 50/60Hz
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