In July 2023, MFUpro® was born as an Israeli dual-beauty technology brand. It is deeply involved in the field of medical beauty devices and specializes in creating regenerative beauty. It has the world's latest MFU(Micro-focused Ultrasound) technology, unique SD(Synergy Dotting) technology, unique 10 in 1 cartridge and smart intelligent operation system, and many other innovative technologies.

Scope of application: The use of ultrasound energy can help tighten and improve facial skin and eliminate wrinkles without causing tissue degeneration.

“MFU+SD” Dual Innovative Technology

1. MFU Micro-focused Ultrasound Technology

MFU micro-focused ultrasound energy is more focused and precise, which can greatly reduce side effects such as pain and swelling, and achieve ideal anti-aging effects.

2. SD Synergy Dotting Technology

Traditional ultrasound performs linear scanning on the skin surface and is difficult to penetrate deeply into the skin and smaller parts. SD synergy dotting can penetrate deeper into the skin tissue, thereby achieving a more comprehensive lifting effect.

Multiple Innovations and Intelligent Operation System

1. Different treatment cartridges, targeting various depths

With four FL contact sensors and four SD movement sensors, it can achieve multi-effect anti-aging. Depending on the depth of the skin affected, the effects produced are also different.

①1.5mm (epidermis): Targets light lines, skin tone, skin texture, fine pores

②2.0mm (wrinkle): Targets deep wrinkles such as forehead lines/necklines/eye prints

③3.0mm (firm): Reaches the dermis layer and stimulates the continuous proliferation of collagen

④4.5mm (lift): Reaches the SMAS layer, tightening the muscle base

⑤6.0mm(curve): Targets body parts such as the double chin, arms, and bra areas.

⑥9.0mm (sculpt): Targets deeper areas such as the tummy, flanks, and inner thigh areas.

2. Unique 4 in 1 SD movement sensors

Intelligent operation performs in-depth switching and synergy dotting through the operating system, saving time and consumables.

3. Triple guarantee, ffective and safe

①Contact sensor: Energy output will stop when there is no contact with the skin;

②Motion sensor: prevent repeated burns at the same location and avoid burns;

③Independent interface, precise and symmetrical: separate operation interfaces are set for the left and right faces, and the number of treatment rounds is independently recorded in subdivided areas. Precise symmetry avoids treatment deviations on the left and right faces.

In 2018, MFUpro® obtained the EU CE certification and sells well all over the world such as Canada, Mexico, Chile, Japan, Russia, India, Malaysia, Thailand, Mongolia, Australia, Turkey, the United Kingdom, France, Switzerland, Denmark, Israel, the United Arab Emirates, Jordan, etc., with cumulative sales of nearly 10,000 units.

MFUpro® is PZLASER's new anti-aging brand. This successful release will empower the high-end anti-aging market with its medical aesthetic indications, advanced technology, comfort, anti-aging, safety and other advantages, bring new opportunities to the photoelectric anti-aging market, and lead a new era of medical aesthetics economy!