On April 20, 2024, in the bright and prosperous International Finance Center of Shanghai, China, a grand event that attracted much attention in the medical aesthetics industry - the launch conference of MFUpro® opened grandly and ended with a complete success. This event not only marks the official launch of this industry-leading anti-aging machine into the Chinese market but also heralds the arrival of a new round of anti-aging trends in the medical beauty industry.

The listing ceremony dazzled with luminaries from across the industry, including authoritative experts, prominent leaders from leading medical institutions, and representatives from mainstream media, all gathering to witness the momentous debut of MFUpro®. As the sole machine to secure domestic NMPA certification, MFUpro® has ushered in a new era in medical beauty and anti-aging. Its groundbreaking MFU+SD dual technology, encompassing 10 distinct applicators and non-invasive skin tightening and lifting capabilities, marks a paradigm shift in the field.

Launch Ceremony of MFUpro®

At the beginning of the ceremony, Professor Zheng Zhizhong, a leading figure in dermatology in China, former director of the Department of Dermatology at Huashan Hospital affiliated to Fudan University in Shanghai, the first president/honorary president of the Dermatologist Branch of the Chinese Medical Doctor Association, and the honorary president of the Dermatology Branch of the Chinese Plastic Surgery Association; China Secretary-General Zhu Meiru, Executive Deputy Secretary-General of the Plastic Surgery Association, Vice President of the Facial Rejuvenation Branch of the China Plastic Surgery Association, and Professor Shi Bing, Chairman of the Thread Technology Branch, took the stage to deliver opening speeches. They warmly congratulated MFUpro® on its glorious launch in China!

Opening Speech of MFUpro®

At this ceremony, Mr. Liu Guotian, CEO of LÉPERLE BIOTECHNOLOGY, gave an in-depth analysis of the "MFUpro®'s Market Strategy in China" and revealed the layout of the MFUpro® product in the Chinese market. Thus Providing industry market direction for experts, institutions and consumers attending the meeting.

Dr. Sun Linchao, the former head of the Dermatology Laser Beauty Center of Xijing Hospital and current president of Xi'an Chengdie Medical Beauty Clinic, brought the "Clinical Application Sharing of MFUpro®", which vividly demonstrated the excellent results and broad application prospects of this product.

In addition, Ms. Duan Yao, vice president, managing director and partner of Cowincapital, interpreted "The Medical Aesthetics Industry from an Investment Perspective" from the perspective of an investment institution, and painted a blueprint for the future development of the medical aesthetics industry for the audience.

From an institutional perspective, Ms. Guan Ying, Director of Operations of the Dermatology Department of BRAVOU, shared the "Successful Experience of MFUpro® in Helping Institutions to Growth" from an institutional perspective at the listing ceremony, further confirming the importance of this product in promoting the upgrading and development of medical aesthetic institutions.

The conference climaxed one after another. Under the spotlight, industry giants joined hands on stage to launch the important moment of the glorious launch of MFUpro®. It symbolizes that MFUpro® officially enters China's medical beauty market!

Collaborative Partnerships

At the scene, the MFUpro® brand and the first 25 strategic partners took the stage one by one. They were awarded official plaques symbolizing close cooperation and common development. This move carries a high degree of consensus between the two parties on the future market layout. It also represents the deep mutual trust and strategic cooperation between MFUpro® and its partners. It also indicates that MFUpro® will work with strategic partners to develop with a more open attitude. The new blue ocean of China's medical beauty market promotes the upgrading of industry standards and creates a win-win situation!

Immediately afterward, a roundtable forum with the theme of "Innovation, Sharing and Navigation" began. Many Chinese beauty industry celebrities had an in-depth discussion on the innovative power of medical beauty brought by MFUpro®. They discussed industry development plans, and shared wisdom and achievements.

Finally, Professor Cui Haiyan, director of the Plastic Surgery Department of Tongji Hospital Affiliated to Tongji University and an outstanding representative of the prestigious plastic surgery, beauty and anti-aging academic community at home and abroad, took the stage to make a concluding speech for this meeting. He said that the MFUpro® marks another leap in the power of medical aesthetics technology and heralds the arrival of a new era of accurate, safe and efficient medical aesthetics.

The launch of MFUpro® in China has come to a successful conclusion. The great impression it brought are still continuing to ferment!

Future Prospects

We are confident that MFUpro® will spearhead the latest anti-aging trends in both China and the broader medical beauty sector. With its distinctive appeal and cutting-edge technology, MFUpro® is poised to catalyze growth and innovation within China's medical beauty industry. Anticipate MFUpro®'s revolutionary products to illuminate the path to youthful radiance for countless beauty enthusiasts, shaping an everlasting narrative of beauty and rejuvenation.