Q-Beam Plus™ Nd:Yag Laser
High Power
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Q-Beam Plus™ emits a laser and works at the target area of the skin. Then the laser energy is absorbed by the pigments and tattoo in the target area, burst into tiny particles, engulfed by white blood cells and then removal away along with metabolism.

■ Maximal Power
High energy leads to high energy density which enables perfect result of endogenous pigments removal. 
■ Undoubted 6ns pulse width, only 1/5 pulse width of all normal Q-switched Nd:YAG Lasers.
■ Three kinds of treatment tips are available for our patented Q+ treatment handle, provides you more skillful and easy operations.
1064nm treatment tip
532nm treatment tip
carbon powder treatment tip
■ The super laser facial treatment easily realizes the effect of skin rejuvenation, pore shrinking, pigments eliminating, and helps to improve skin texture and conditions.
■ The machine has portable luxurious Italian design. It can compete with the large machines which are sold all over the world due to its excellent effect and performance.

1.Tatoo Removal:
Black, blue, brown, red and different kinds of old and new tatoos.
2.Pigmented Leisions in epidermis and dermis:
Age spot, Coffe spot, Sunspot, Freckle, Melasma, Ota, Zygomaticus, Nevus, Mongolian spot, Pigmentation after inflamation.
3.PTP Mode:
Skin Rejuvenation, Skin Whitening, Skin Tightening, Skin Texture Toning.

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Laser Q-switch Nd:YAG
Wavelength 1064nm,532nm & PTP Carbon Tip
Spot Mode High Homogeneous Spot
Delivery Mode Patent Q+ "One Lamp, Two Rod" Handel
Pulse Energy ≥450mj Single Wavelength ≥1500mj Maximum Energy
Pulse Width 6ns
Frequency 1-10hz
Spot Diameter 1-6mm adjustable
Package Dimensions 48*80*50cm
Net Weight 28kg
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