New CoolSlimming™
7in1 Multi-Size Cups
Dual Isothermal™ Detectors
Preheating+Massage Mode
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CoolSlimming™ Cryolipolyse safely delivers precisely controlled cooling to gently and effectively target the fat cells underneath the skin. The treated fat cells are crystallized(frozen), then die. Over time, your body naturally processes the fat and metabolize these dead cells, leaving a more sculpted you.


1. 16-Year of R&D, the 4th generation Cryolipolysis will create greater glories.

2. Four handpieces can work individually and simultaneously which apply to different treatment areas of different clients.

3. 7in1 Multi-Size Cups, meeting the different target areas.

4. Medical elastic and silky LSR Silicone Cups, perfectly attach onto skin, soft and tender touch like a baby skin.

5. Exclusive patent Preheating+Massage Mode™ accelerates and offers the metabolism and offering a more effective and safe treatment.

6. Dual Isothermal detectors per handpiece ensure -5℃ temperature-stabilization control, guaranteeing the safety of treatment.

7. 15.6-inch Android screen with adjustable angle up and down.

8. One-Key Cleaning function, absorbs the objects in the air inlet and discharges them into the filter behind the machine, prolonging the service life of machine.

9. Dual-Engine, Four-Way Control System provides sufficient energy and unloaded work, improving the stability and lifespan of the machine; Also Four-Way Control System supports the independent parameter settings of each handpiece.

10. Injection molding of the whole machine, the appearance is exquisite and seamless.

The Coolslimming Cryolipolyse procedure can help both women and men get rid of those stubborn bulges for good. 
The non-invasive treatment works on those pesky love handles and even that double chin. 

1.Many of us have stubborn fat despite diet and exercise. 
2.Cool-Shaping ting technology uses controlled cooling (Cryolipolysis) to target and kill only these fat cells. 
3.In the weeks to follow, these fat cells are naturally eliminated from the body. 
4.Treated fat cells, once eliminated from the body, are gone for good.

Disclaimer: effect varies from person to person.

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Infrared Light 37℃~42℃
Cool-Shaping Temperature 5℃~ -11℃
Vacuum 10~80Kpa
LED Light Red (630nm) Green (570nm) 50mW×4
HPS Size 220*80mm & 160*60mm &130*50mm
Cooling system Wind+Water
Power supply AC220V 50Hz/AC110V 60Hz
Package Dimensions 130×66×51cm
Net Weight 56KG
Working Temperature +15℃~+30℃
Storage temperature -20℃~+55℃
Atmospheric pressure 86kPa~106kPa
Relative humidity ≤80%
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