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Fat Freeze Machine

360° Freeze Fat Away. No Downtime. Non-Invasive.


Fat Freezing Machine
  • Upgraded 4.0 Generation
  • Four Handpieces
    Four Handpieces Simultaneously Deliver High ROI to Maximize efficiency with the ability to treat multiple clients at once.
  • Seven-Size Cups
    7 Cup Sizes Available to tailor treatments for individual needs by selecting from a range of cup sizes, enhancing personalization and effectiveness.
  • 360° Cooling Effect
    Elevate client experience with advanced cooling technology that ensures superior comfort, safety, and effectiveness throughout treatments.

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360° Freeze Your Fat Away

The 4th generation of the CoolSlimming® Fat Freezing Machine is a versatile and advanced equipment in the world of non-invasive fat reduction. With the seven different sizes of cups, this machine is designed to cater to a wide range of target areas on the body. This capability allows for a more customized and precise treatment approach, ensuring that individuals can address specific areas of concern effectively.

Detail - Oriented

coolslimming different cups
Elevated on All Fronts

Medical LSR Silicone: Perfectly attach to skin, soft and tender touch.

Dual Isothermal: Ensure temperature stabilization for the safety of treatment.

360° Surrounding: Reach the target temperature faster than previous models, maximizing time efficiency and convenience for both patients and practitioners.

Patented Vacuum Massage*

Long-time suction of target tissues brings uncomfortable experiences during the treatment process and increase the risk of tissue frostbite. Our Vacuum Massage* patent of fat freezing machine solves this beauty industrial challenge. This technology ensures the safe treatment while providing customers with a more comfortable and relaxed experience.

coolsliiming cryolipolysis fat freezing treatment of double chin
Personalized Handpieces

Not only 4 handpieces can work at the same time, practitioners can also adjust cooling and suction levels independently to provide customized sessions for their patients.

This enhanced applicators selectively target fat cells without harming surrounding tissues, providing a safer and more effective sculpting option for individuals seeking to refine their bodies.

Revolutionizing Body Contouring

Experience a non-invasive way to sculpt your body and say goodbye to stubborn fat pockets with CoolSlimming®, the revolutionary technology making waves in body contouring.

  • 360 °
    Cooling Effect
  • + 50 %
    Fat Reduction
  • Four-Way Control System: provide sufficient energy and unloaded work, improving the stability and lifespan of the machine.

  • 15.6” Android LCD Screen: realize remote control of mobile phones. Any app is available to install.

  • One-Key Cleaning: automatically clean and eliminate impurities that seep into the handpieces and air inlet, prolonging the service life of the machine.

Before & After
  • before-img
    Liam Jackson
    “Our clients are loving the results from CoolSlimming® treatments! The machine is a remarkable device for targeting stubborn fat areas and sculpting the body. Highly recommended!”
  • before-img
    Isla Harper
    “The CoolSlimming® at our spa delivers impressive, non-invasive fat reduction results that leave our clients thrilled with their transformations. It's a must-have technology for those seeking to contour their body effectively.”
  • before-img
    Oscar Flynn
    “Investing in a CoolSlimming® for our spa has been a fantastic decision. The technology is safe, effective, and delivers noticeable fat reduction for our clients. We are proud to offer this cutting-edge treatment for body shaping.”
QHow long do the results of CoolSlimming® last?

The results of CoolSlimming® are intended to be long-lasting, as the treated fat cells are permanently eliminated from the body. However, maintaining a healthy lifestyle with proper diet and exercise is important to prevent new fat cells from accumulating in the treated areas.

QWhat areas of the body can be treated with a CoolSlimming® machine?

CoolSlimming® is designed to target specific areas of the body where stubborn fat deposits tend to accumulate, such as the abdomen, flanks (love handles), thighs, double chin, and upper arms. Treatment applicators come in various shapes and sizes to address different body areas effectively.

QHow long does a CoolSlimming® session take?

A typical CoolSlimming® session can last anywhere from 35 minutes to an hour per treatment area. Multiple areas can be treated in one session, but the total time may vary based on the number of areas being treated.

QWhat the differences between 4.0 CoolSlimming® from previous versions?

The newer versions of CoolSlimming® have brought significant improvements over previous iterations. These advancements include enhanced cooling technology for more precise and controlled treatment, faster treatment times, improved patient comfort and experience, expanded treatment areas, updated safety features, and increased efficacy in targeting and reducing fat for desired body contouring results. Patients considering CoolSlimming® treatments should consult with healthcare providers to learn about the specific features and benefits of the latest models available.

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