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3in1 Hair Removal Laser Machine

Combining three spot sizes into a single handle to cater to all hair needs.

FDA Certificated


Hair Removal Laser Machine
  • Technology Breakthrough
  • Versatile Applicators
    3 spot sizes into one single handle, completely meeting the hair removal needs of different target areas.
  • Innovative Cooling System
    The cooling system provides enhanced comfort, skin protection, increased efficacy, reduced downtime, and wide applicability.
  • 3000W Power
    It's upgraded to quicker and more efficient hair removal treatments, providing smoother and longer-lasting results.

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FDA & Medical CE

Multiply Your Treatment Options

At the forefront of hair removal laser technology, EOSICE® Prime advanced system excels in three key areas: power, spot sizes, and cooling. We have perfected each aspect to deliver the best possible results. With optimal power output, EOSICE® Prime hair removal laser machine ensures maximum efficacy. The versatile spot sizes cater to individual needs, providing flexibility and precision. Moreover, our state-of-the-art cooling system ensures client comfort and minimizes any potential discomfort. Experience the ultimate hair removal solution with our unparalleled technology.

Detail - Oriented


755nm: It's effective for treating finer and lighter hair, and especially suitable for individuals with fair skin and lighter hair colours.

808nm: The most commonly used wavelength for hair removal, 808nm is highly absorbed by the melanin in hair follicles. It provides excellent results for a wide range of skin types and hair colours, including medium to dark skin tones.

940nm: This wavelength has a higher penetration depth, making it suitable for deeper follicles. It works well for individuals with darker skin tones, as it reduces the risk of damaging the surrounding skin while targeting the hair follicles.

1064nm: Known for its deep penetration capabilities, it's effective for treating coarse and thick hair. It's also considered safer for individuals with dark skin types, as it minimizes the risk of pigmentation changes or burns.

Hair Removal Laser Machine

3000W Super Power

Efficiency: With a higher power output, EOSICE® Prime can cover a larger treatment area more quickly. This means shorter treatment sessions for the client and increased productivity for the aesthetic professional.

Precision: The hair removal laser machine's power allows for finer control over the laser beam, enabling precise targeting of hair follicles while minimizing damage to the surrounding skin. This helps in reducing discomfort and improving overall safety.

Reduced Sessions: The effectiveness of the higher-powered laser may lead to a reduction in the number of required treatment sessions. This can save time and money for clients seeking long-term hair removal solutions.

4-Way Cooling for 72h Continuously Working

Enhanced Comfort: The cooling mechanism helps to numb the skin, reducing discomfort during the hair removal process.

Skin Protection: The cooling system safeguards the epidermis, lessening the risk of burns or damage to the surrounding skin. It maintains a cooler temperature while the laser targets the hair follicles.

Increased Efficiency: By cooling the target area, the laser can more effectively focus on the hair follicles. This can potentially result in more efficient hair removal and fewer sessions required for desired results.


A state-of-the-art, advanced technology that uses a combination of 755/808/940/1064nm wavelengths to provide virtually painless and highly effective hair removal treatments for all skin types.

  • + 92 %
    Hair Removal
  • - 50 %
    Treatment Time
  • The 365g feather-light applicator can be a great tool for practitioners to alleviate fatigue.

  • The touch screen interface on each applicator simplifies operation and enhances overall effectiveness, ensuring a user-friendly and efficient experience.

  • 15*18mm: for lips, sideburns, cheek and bikini area; 15*30mm: for limbs, back and chest; 8mm*8mm: for small hard-to-reach areas, such as nose, ear and glabella.

Before & After
  • before-img
    Sara Sidle
    “As a spa owner, I can confidently say that the EosICE® hair emoval Laser machine is a game-changer. The advanced technology it offers ensures our clients receive efficient and virtually painless hair removal treatments. The quick treatment sessions have significantly increased our client satisfaction, leading to positive word-of-mouth and repeat business.”
  • before-img
    Cristina Binns
    “I've struggled with unwanted facial hair for years, but the EosICE® hair removal laser machine has been a precious find as it has 4in1 wavelength laser. Not only is it effective in removing hair, but it also leaves my skin feeling smooth and rejuvenated.”
  • before-img
    Luke Wilson
    “Firstly I was skeptical about the EosICE® Prime diode hair removal machine, but it exceeded my expectations. Not only did it deliver impressive results, but it also felt gentle on my skin. Highly recommend it for anyone looking for a reliable solution!”
QIs EOSICE® Prime hair removal machine safe?

Yes, the EOSICE® Prime hair removal laser machine is considered safe for most skin types. It has built-in safety features to protect the skin during the treatment, including a cooling system that minimizes discomfort and reduces the risk of burns.

QIs EOSICE® Prime hair removal machine effective?

Yes, the EOSICE® Prime hair removal laser machine is known for its effectiveness in hair reduction. It provides long-lasting results by targeting the hair follicles at different growth stages. Multiple sessions are usually required for optimal outcomes.

QDoes EOSICE® Prime hair removal machine cause pain?

The EOSICE® Prime hair removal laser machine is designed to be comfortable and less painful compared to other hair removal methods. With its built-in cooling system, it helps to mitigate discomfort during the treatment. However, the level of sensitivity can vary depending on individual pain thresholds.

QIs EOSICE® Prime hair removal machine suitable for all skin types?

The EOSICE® Prime hair removal laser machine is generally considered safe and effective for a wide range of skin types. However, it is always recommended to consult with a professional or a dermatologist to determine the suitability of the treatment for your specific skin type and concerns.

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